Pixel Music, an iOS music sequencer based on images

Make music from images - Pixel Music is an iOS app that creates music sequencers based on image data. AUv3 and Ableton Link compatible.

Check it out on the app store and the Pixel Music website. Subscribe for updates at this link.

In the example above, Midi is sent to @moogsynthesizers Model D on iOS in Audiobus as an AUv3. Audio is going through @eventideaudio Blackhole reverb.

Fun Jam

Here’s a single instance of Pixel Music (with multiple sequencers) controlling different synths in AUM - I play around with Moog Model D, Model 15, Animoog, and Terra Synth, so fun!

Older demos and memorabilia

A midweek evening play with Pixel Music and two hardware synths: Mother 32 from Moog and Minilogue from Korg. MIDI was sent from an iPad running Pixel Music to Ableton via MusicIO and then forwarded from Ableton to the two hardware synths.

A screen recording of an early version of Pixel Music on an iPhone 6s. At the end of the video, MIDI is sent to Animoog and Audiokit Synth One – screen recording stopped working at this point so that’s why there’s no video there 🙂.

One of the first demos for Pixel Music.